Industry Addict: Twitter Redesign, Digital Storytelling, and GOT

A weekly collection of news, speculation, inspiration, and other industry fodder from across the web. Big Brother: What do you get when you combine the most buzzed-about technologies? OculusDrone! This tech hack lets users control a Parrot AR Drone with Oculus Rift, allowing full control of the drone through head movement. Neighborhood watch just got […]

FB Twit

The Jawbone Up & Quantified Content

Creating great content is the best way to engage consumers and to get them talking about your brand. But, now that every (smart) brand is in the content game, how are brands ensuring that theirs stands out? In the past few years a number of products have been launched to help track, measure and motivate […]


In Response to Your Breakup Letter to Facebook: Don’t Do it

I must applaud Eat24 for their recent, hilarious, breakup letter/blog post to Facebook. It included lines like, “Are we making you horngry, baby?” and plenty of LOL-worthy food analogies. But, beneath the entertaining exterior, the food technology company expresses a very real and serious perspective that many brands are feeling toward Facebook right now: anger, […]


The Recipe for Creating Extreme Brand Demand

If you’re willing to stand in line for a product, that brand has entered rarified air. While achieving this kind of cult status requires a certain degree of luck and timing, there are key ingredients that can help a brand deliberately cook up this kind of demand. Recently I noticed multiple friends (who do not […]

Pliny the Younger

History of Innovation: Mount Sunapee and Cannon Mountain

Approaching our 40th year as an independent, full-service, mid-size marketing innovation company, every now and then we like to dig through the archives as a reminder of how much our company and industry have evolved throughout the years. In the 80s we took to the slopes to create marketing campaigns for Mount Sunapee and Cannon […]


4 Ways For Brands To Surprise and Delight with Instagram Direct Message

As consumers continue to get bombarded with brand messaging across social, finding new ways to cut through the clutter is essential. Instagram’s Direct Message tool, which came out at the end of 2013, provides brands the opportunity to do just that. It’s one of our favorite new ways to reach advocates, influencers and potential new […]



It’s here! It’s finally here. SXSW, that is. Hundreds of thousands of innovators/buzz-bands/thought leaders/marketers/social media influencers/hipsters/music lovers/etc (including myself) invade the great city of Austin, TX over the next week plus, making for quality educational and networking opportunities. Plus, of course there will be world class “people watching” opportunities and plenty of good ole fashioned […]


Bayou Teche Brewing: An Interview with Karlos Knott

From Cajun music integration to partnering with a local university to implement a green process for handling the brewery’s waste, Bayou Teche is one of most innovative craft breweries in the country. Fat Tuesday of this year’s Mardi-Gras season is upon us. If you weren’t aware, Fat Tuesday marks the end of Mardi-Gras and is […]

Bayou Teche Brewing (photo credit:

NBA Alt-Star Party

For the past few years, my brother, Matt Bonner (San Antonio Spurs) and I had been talking about throwing an experimental event during NBA All-Star Weekend. We’re passionate music fans, and our depth and breadth of hip hop knowledge runs deep, but we’re also really into the indie/alternative music scene. So, we decided to launch […]

The Walkmen

Why Nordstrom’s Pop-In Concept Stands Out

Just as marketers need to explore non-traditional channels to sell and create experiences (see New Balance x Westin Hotels), it’s important not to overlook the opportunity to reinvent existing traditional spaces to generate interest from consumers. Recently Nordstrom developed a “shop within a shop” concept that does this in a unique way. Multi-chain department stores […]